Fast dissolving oral and buccal strips

  • Innovative dosage form for natural products and nutraceuticals.
  • Development and formulation of fast dissolve oral/buccal film strips.
  • Manufacturing, labelling and packaging of oral/buccal fast dissolve film strips.



ODF Nutra is a pioneer and a world leader in the development and exploitation of oral and buccal fast dissolve delivery systems for the delivery of active ingredients; the ODF (Orally Dissolving Film) system. The company is located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, in a 15,000 sq ft plant certified by Health Canada for the manufacture of natural health products. ODF Nutra excels in development and/or manufacturing of oral and buccal film strips for the delivery of natural products and nutraceuticals sold under its brands or white labels.



The ODF (Orally Dissolving Film) system consists in a very thin film which dissolves quickly and contains an active substance that is released in the mouth (i.e on the tongue). The ODF system has been conceived to accommodate a wide variety of active substances for an immediate release on or under the tongue or on the buccal mucosa.

Vitamin B12
1 000 mcg per strip
Cherry flavor


Vitamin B12 is essential to good health and in particular allows  the body to produce healty red blood cells, and helps to metabolize hydro-carbons, fats and proteins.  Nutra-Strip Vitamin B12 Supplement supplies the human physiological form of Vitamin B12, Methylcobalamin, which is very important to the maintenance of good health...


Cold and Flu
5 mg per strip
Thyme flavor


Thyme Oil has been used since antiquity to treat respiratory, digestive and infectious problems. Nutra-Strip Cold and Flu oral strips are a natural and practical way to help the body fight off the symptoms of colds and Flu...


Vitamin C
30 mg per strip
Orange flavor


Vitamin C, also called Ascorbic Acid, is certainly the best known and used food supplement. Vitamin C is implicated in the formation of collagen, essential protein which is responsible for the formation of connective tissues found in skin, cartilage, bones, teeth, muscles, blood vessels slowing their aging. It helps with the metabolism of lipids and proteine...


Cough and Throat
5 mg of Menthol and
3 mg of Eucalyptus Oil per strip
Strawberry flavor


The Cough and Throat oral strip offers temporary relief of mild cough, nasal congestion and pain due to sore throat. This strip when applied to the tongue delivers, at a controlled rate, natural ingredients for optimal efficacy without any of the inconvenients with the use of lozenges or soft capsules or gummies. Its soothing action is particularly...


3, 5, 10 mg per strip
Chocolate and raspberry flavor


Melatonin hormone is essential to ensure a good night’s sleep, an essential element to mental and physiological health. Melatonin is a substance produced in human in response to dark-light periods of the day and controls the daily night-day cycle of several biological functions. NUTRA-Strip Melatonin oral stripsupplement  is used as a sleep aid to bolster...


Octane Boost
40 mg of caffeine per strip
Spearmint and cinnamon flavor


Energizing Octane Boost Stamps will temporarily give you the extra energy and vigilance you need for your night study, exercise, sports or long road trips. They are practical and effective to get this temporary energy boost desired for the body and mind..


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